EFT Enterprise helps UTE achieve compliance and enhance the security, efficiency and reliability of their data transfers

UTE, the electric utility company of Montevideo, Uruguay, needed a solution to provide its customers, partners, clients, and vendors a secure and reliable way to exchange highly sensitive data. Every day they send and receive multiple gigabytes of data from clients and vendors. From simple Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) file transfers to complex file-change detection on remote servers, a majority of their file transfers were done using file transfer, ad-hoc methods, FTPs, emails or complex scripts developed internally.

Their data transfer workflows became more complex and their volume of data grew exponentially. This business critical workflow often involved complex file synchronization operations with thousands of files, and the files could be located anywhere in their folder structure and moreover could be required to change. With multiple file transfer systems operating, keeping track of this process was more than challenging.

EFT allows an easy and centralized solution to automate, encrypt and audit file exchanges across the organization.

Following the implementation of EFT Enterprise, UTE gained:

  • A centralized platform enabling full operational visibility, while reducing the potential inefficiencies of disparate file transfers
  • Flexible and advanced automated workflow capabilities that could handle complex workflows, and didn’t require scripts or manual intervention
  • Enhanced Data Security with secure and reliable data exchanges for mission critical data, as well as when data is in transit and at rest
  • Assurance that Compliance is met with continuous monitoring of data transfer activities
  • Time Savings due to the installation of user-friendly configuration tools and simplified data transfer workflows
  • Full Operational Visibility and Control over their IT infrastructure and data activity

As a leader in secure information exchange and a data integration innovator, Globalscape’s powerful yet intuitive platform, reliable support and dedication to solving even the most complex of data challenges help organizations accelerate their digital business transformation.



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