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In IT and telecommunications Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a network of interconnected physical objects.


The IoT is connecting new places–such as manufacturing floors, energy grids, healthcare facilities, and transportation systems–to the Internet. Once an object or process can represent itself digitally, it can be controlled from anywhere. This connectivity means more data, gathered from more places, with more ways to increase efficiency and improve safety and security.

This is just what Controltek, a division of Softron does, by connecting to its monitor devices, objects from its clients that send useful information, thus allowing them to increase efficiency and reduce costs. An example is Controltek LPG, our turnkey wireless solution to LPG tank monitoring that we offer to LPG providers. Through the connection of our monitor device to the tank level sensor of their clients, the LPG provider receives level data at regular intervals, thus allowing him to optimize delivery routes, reduce logistics costs and improve service quality. Instead of receiving an urgent last minute call from his customers, he will be able to anticipate their needs.



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