Softron provides YPF

Background of the solution


In Argentina, YPF is the largest producer of LPG in the country, marketing it through YPF Gas, bottled and bulk in the domestic, commercial and industrial markets, with a market share of 34.2%. For the bulk of the delivery, it operates a fleet of over 120 trucks and 15 dispatch plants, which currently serve a distributed demand of over 80,000 tanks in over 50,000 customers across the country.

The Challenge


Each of these over 50,000 customers spread all over the country, before running out of LPG, their tank must be replenished by one of the trucks, and in the same act should receive the bill and the corresponding receipt of payment for the GLP charge received.

How can we make the exact volume of LPG billed to each customer match with what was loaded , and at the end of day, all invoiced customers match with what is missing in the tank truck?

The Solution

Each of the over 120 trucks that serve the 50,000 customers of bulk LPG, carry a Hand Held with Windows Mobile, connected to the serial port of the mass meter of the tank truck, with an application developed and implemented by Softron´s professional team. For each customer, this app records the volume of LPG discharged, issues the invoice and the corresponding receipt, printed on a portable printer and delivered to the customer. In parallel, this operation is transmitted on line to YPF Gas Operations Center.



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