Alliance Partners – Software Vendors

With over 30 years of solid experience, SOFTRON’s traditional line of business has been the distribution,marketing and implementation of technological solutions provided by world class vendors.

To achieve this we have established partnerships with global providers of IT products of recognized quality and prestige. Softron invariably selects as technology partners the leading companies on their niche,whose proven technology will provide great value to our local customers.

We carefully evaluate the most outstanding global technology to introduce in our regional market, selecting the one that best suits the specific needs of our customers, and combine it with the know-how and experience of our team of consultants and local technical staff.

Nowadays it is very difficult for one single vendor to provide for every technology need. By selecting our Strategic Partners from the leading manufacturers of each sector and introducing their products into our markets, we allow our customers to cover their needs with the best technology worldwide and, at the same time, enjoying a prime local technical support.We seek to combine the best niche solution with the best local support.



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