Systems infrastructure

Being IT the area that supports the critical business processes, it is essential to optimize the delivery of IT Services.

The objective of this Business Unit is to provide solutions based on technology and services, designed to optimize the use of IT infrastructure, improving the systems performance and management.

Our solutions cover the full range of needs and environments on IT companies.

Some of the IT solutions we offer are:

  • Monitoring of networks, applications, databases, etc..
  • Process Automation
  • Output Management
  • Management and Database Performance
  • Capacity Planning & Chargeback
  • IT Security
  • Information Integrity
  • Secure File Transfer

We carefully select our partners from internationally renowned companies, leaders in their own niche.

2X Software: – Virtual desktop and application delivery, remote access and corporate mobility.

● Dynatrace: – Dynatrace provides roactive application monitoring for fast problem resolution and maximum availability. Dynatrace full stack monitoring provides deep operational insights into your application environment. All relevant metrics, from real user behavior to application performance — including infrastructure, containers, and cloud services — are tracked and visualized in real-time down to each individual transaction. Dynatrace digital performance monitoring offers the best TCO by leveraging artificial intelligence for automatic application-environment discovery and proactive problem resolution.

Pandora: – Complete monitoring software for applications, networks and virtual environments.

Syncsort: – High Performance Systems Software for Sorting, Data Manipulation and Network Backup on UNIX, Windows and Mainframe.

UBS Hainer: – Quality software for IBM’s z/OS mainframe customers running mission critical DB2 based applications.

GT Software: – Specialized in data unification and application integration across platforms, formats and programming languages—including the “hard to access” mainframe.

Mainstar: – Catalog RecoveryPlus enables your storage and system administrators to easily and quickly control and operate an effective ICF catalog.

Macro4: –.Macro 4, a division of UNICOM Global, helps organizations to improve the performance of their business-critical applications and processes. The company’s solutions for document and data management, fault analysis and performance management are easy to use, fast to implement and deliver value quickly in even the most complex IT environments.

RSD: – RSD EOS (Enterprise Output Solution) is an enterprise-grade distributed output and report management solution.

Globalscape: – Secure File Transfer Plataform.

Attunity: – Solutions for integrating disparate data sources, legacy and mainframe applications enabling real-time access to the enterprise.

Balabit: – BalaBit IT Security offers unique solutions to a variety of IT operations and security challenges for a variety of Industries.



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