VANGUARD protects the information of HSBC Bank in Argentina

HSBC in Argentina has implemented on its z/OS platform a package of software products from Vanguard Integrity Professionals, in order to protect the integrity of information systems, ensure confidentiality of data, reduce the opportunity for human error, prevent against unauthorized system use, thwart malicious intent and ensure regulatory compliance.

In our role as distributors of Vanguard Integrity Professionals (, the largest independent provider of enterprise security software and solutions, we have worked with HSBC Bank in Argentina in the implementation of a package of Vanguard’s security products, as part of a global agreement between HSBC Bank plc and Vanguard Integrity Professionals.

The contribution provided by Vanguard’s solutions to the IT security management of HSBC Argentina could be summarized in four patterns that will remain updated as technology changes:

  • System management with Vanguard Enforcer
  • User management with Vanguard SecurityCenter and Administrator
  • Management of threads with Vanguard Analyzer
  • Management of trust and compliance with Vanguard Enforcer and Advisor.



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