Information delivery
  • LRS:– In 1981, LRS developed the first software that enabled the mainframe to distribute output to printers outside the data center, and we have not stopped innovating. Today we are the industry leader in Enterprise Output Management (EOM) products. Our core EOM product, VTAM Printer Support (VPS®), runs on more than 5,000 mainframes worldwide. With a variety of extension products, VPS can route mainframe output to various destinations in an organization, from LAN print queues and file servers to email servers and Web browsers. VPS and its extension products can send output generated on multiple computer platforms to multiple types of printers and other output devices on multiple types of networks.
  • Print Manager:– Print Manager (formerly Software Shelf International, Inc.) developed the first print management software in the market that was native to the Windows operating system. Today, its print management software is the only technology on the market native to the Windows operating system and integrated with it up through Windows Server 2012.
  • Actuate: www.actuate.comActuate provides personalized business analytics & business intelligence applications that turn big data into insights to actuatethe success of your business.



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