Founded in 1981 and with over 30 years of experience, SOFTRON is a company whose traditional area is the representation, marketing and implementation of technology solutions.

Our solutions provide support to IT departments of large companies as well as allow our customers to obtain competitive advantage by using innovative technology.

We carefully select the outstanding technology best meets the specific needs of our clients and combine it with the know-how and experience of our team of consultants and local technicians.

SOFTRON has offices in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. The Softron group is coordinated by a Board that defines company policies, by a Manager at each subsidiary, as well as presale, technical support and implementation teams in each country.

SOFTRON has technical staff certified by the companies we represent. They are highly specialized, able to identify problems and opportunities for improvement in the critical processes of our clients.

  • Company History – Founded in 1981, the company has an invaluable experience and market knowledge of both the local markets in which we operate directly, as well as the global technology market from which we carefully select the most appropriate one to introduce in our local markets. We are proud that 90% of the 100 largest companies in the region are or have been clients at some time in some of our solutions.
  • Technology Partners – Softron always selects as technology partners the leading companies in its niche, with proven technology that we believe will provide great value to our local customers.
  • Customers – Along our 30 years in business, we have developed many success stories with our customers. Among our customers are the most prestigious companies in the region.
  • Premium Technical Support – It is not easy to find Technical Support staff with expertise in various platforms and the ability to understand the applicability and advantages that would report certain technologies that our customers. At Softron we have developed a qualified group of professionals whose mission is to provide the best customer service and identify the most appropriate technology for the needs of our customers.
  • As it is not enough for a company purchasing, installing and implementing a product, at Softron we provide continuous technical support thus solving any problem that may later appear. Our customers know that they have our support before, during and after acquiring a solution
  • Multidisciplinary and ‘globalized’ Support – To ensure the quality of solutions, our local technical teams get permanent and direct support from our technology partners. When a client hires a solution from SOFTRON, he automatically enjoys the vast and multidisciplinary support group located in any of the countries we cover.
  • First Level Management – An outstanding management by respected professionals.



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